Dr Chalvantharan Peravy

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Accident & Emergency


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About Dr Chalvantharan Peravy
I am a qualified Family Physician with postgraduate qualification in Occupational medicine from Royal College of Physician of Ireland and registered with Dept. of Occupational Safety and Health (Malaysia) and diploma in Family Physician from Academy of Family Physician (Malaysia) and registered member of Royal College of Physician of Australia. Currently I am pursuing my master’s Degree in MBA with Post Specialisation Public Health Care (University of Derby, UK). At present I am appointed as a Chief Medical Officer, a post accredited to be in charge and managing of Emergency Room and provide guide and support to the clinical and professional services. My main speciality is managing Emergency cases and conduct medical surveillance for the industry under the guidelines of DOSH regulation. I am also actively pursued in the field of Occupational medicine by giving talks and presentation at various public and private sectors. Apart from that I am also a qualified in Acute Cardiopulmonary Life Support and have conducted several courses and teaching programmes on CPR and Basic Life Support for various institutes.
a) Senior Medical Officer in Charge of Sri Kota Medical Centre, Klang from September 1999.
b) Chief Medical Officer of Sri Kota Specialist Centre, Klang since 2002
c) Chief Medical Officer of KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital since 2012
d)Occupational Health Doctor since May 2000(Registered with DOSH – JKKP KES. HQ/08/DOC/00/580)

a)M.B.B.S Degree – Kastruba Medical College, Manipal, India.
b)Licentiate Faculty of Occupational Medicine (LFOM), Royal College Of Physician,Ireland.

Courses Attended
a) Advance Trauma Resuscitation course July 1998.
b) One Stop Crisis Centre Management May 1999.
c) AO Basic Course Mac 1998
d) Basic Life Support and Ac Resuscitation April 2008
e) Advance Cardiac Life Support Feb 2009
f) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Oct 2010
Courses Conducted
a) Basic Life Support and CPR for Clinical and nonclinical participants.
b) ECG basic and Airway management talk for clinical staffs,
c) Health talk and public forum
d) Medical Surveillance and Occupational Health Talk at participating Industries.

Professional Memberships:

a)Member of Academy Of Family Physician of Malaysia
b) Life Member of Malaysian Medical Association
c) Member of Society of Occupation Education Malaysia.
d) Member of Royal College of Physician Ireland, for Occupational Medicine.
e) Member of Fellow Royal Australian College for General Physician.
f) Member of Academy University of Derby, United Kingdom.
g) DOSH Registered for competent Occupational Health Doctor
h) Registered Panel Doctor for Jemaah Haji.
i) Registered OHD for Jabatan Perkapalan Malaysia.


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