Dr. Husin Marijan

Primary Specialty:

General Surgery, Laparascopic Surgery


Malay, English

, Chinese

, Tamil

Staff Attached:

Name : Angelina Taldip Lim

About Dr. Husin Marijan

Dr Husin Marijan graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1994. He worked in various hospitals, including in remote areas before decided to do further study in surgery in 1997. He obtained his Masters Degree in General Surgery from UKM in 2001. As a surgeon, he trained various techniques of surgery and has special interest in key-hole surgery (Laparoscopic Surgery). He participated in domestic and international scientific meetings and workshops pertaining to laparoscopic surgery. This technique becomes his normal alternative to conventional open surgery, namely abdominal wall and inguinal hernia repair, gallbladder and bowel surgery and emergency laparoscopic surgery. Currently he is practicing as a Consultant General Surgeon with special interest in key-hole surgery in KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital.

- Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Surgery - Gastrointestinal & Colorectal Surgery


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