Maternity Delivery Package

We are pleased to offer you several delivery packages to meet your delivery needs. Just choose a

KPJ Klang kini panel Peduli Sihat Selangor

Berita Baik !!!! KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital kini menjadi panel untuk program Peduli Sihat an

Wellness Health Screening Package

Congratulations on taking the first step to safeguard your health. Now, we introduce the latest hea

Mammogram Screening

KPJ Klang menyediakan pemeriksaan Mammogram percuma kepada semua wanita di dalam Skim Kesihatan Wa

KPJ Klang Members Privillege Card

Introducing our new KPJ Klang Members Privilege CardPurchase it now at our Customer Service Receptio

Occupational Health & Medical Surveillance Screening Package

Haemodialysis Treatment at KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital

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